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Get the investment you need to scale! Fundraising is tough and takes time. Our goal is to get you funded as efficiently as possible, with terms that are right for your business and with a long-term investor.

IFC will free you up significant time, so you can focus on what’s most important to you: leading your venture to a promising future.

How can IFC help you?
  • Preparation: First, we work closely with you to prepare all the materials required to be investment-ready.


  • Challenge: We evaluate your investment proposition, and challenge your assumptions to achieve financial credibility in the eyes of investors.

  • Selection: we identify the most appropriate funding options by mapping the investors based on the profile of your business, and your growth aspirations.

  • Introduction: we introduce you to the relevant investors by tapping into our network of impact investors, social investors, VCs, lenders, and family offices.

  • Negotiation: we support you through the due diligence process and during the financing terms negotiation.

Products covered
  • Equity investment

  • Social investment

  • Impact investment

  • Loans

  • Non-dilutive funding

  • Blended finance


Success fee

We share 100% of the risk with you, as we only work on a success fee, which means you will only pay a fee if you secure the funds.

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