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An investor-focused business plan is critical to secure financing, and devise a plan to help you succeed. However, it can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming to undertake the research and prepare a business plan acceptable for investors.


What does this service provide?


IFC ensure you have a bespoke business plan written to your needs, assisting you in preparing it by challenging your assumptions from an investor perspective. We also support the business plan writing for internal use to provide a feasible roadmap for your strategy.


The drive for you to benefit from our decades of experience reviewing business plans and writing successful investment proposals. We will ensure your business plan is specific for investors and your strategy.

Our fees


We place purpose before profit. Therefore our fees take into account the project's social and environmental impact, your business revenue, and the transaction size. We also make sure that we are “a partnership of success”, and we offer a balance between commitment fees and success fees.


Our objective is for clients to always see value for money in our fees that significantly exceed the cost.