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What we do?

Impact Finance Consulting (IFC) provides finance consulting to help purpose-driven organisations secure funding, grow, and create positive social and environmental impact.

Who are we for?

We are here for social enterprises, purpose-driven start-ups, and small businesses. Our clients’ services and products aim to improve their communities and create a sustainable world.

Why work with us?

Like minded: we share the same passion as our clients to improve society. We use this passion to motivate us and provide optimised solutions to our clients.


Experience: we know what it takes to prepare a successful funding application. Our team has worked on over 1,000 loan requests across multiple sectors. Based on this wealth of experience, we understand what banks and other investors require to approve a transaction.


Delivery: We deliver the highest level of service with a bespoke and pragmatic approach. We also provide unlimited access to a consultant, and we work as an extension of our clients’ team. We train and mentor our clients to help them become independent.

Our Founder

Our founder, Jimmy Crick, created Impact Finance Consulting to combine his passion for finance and his strong desire to create a better world, which has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's quote “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Prompted by this, he decided to leave his successful investment banking career to help purpose-driven organisations secure funding, grow, and create a better world.


Jimmy has over 15 years’experience in the banking sector. He has spent most of his career working at investment banks in the City, and was most recently a Vice President at Morgan Stanley. Throughout his career he has reviewed over 1,000 funding applications across multiple sectors. He has gained a deep insight into what banks and investors require to approve a transaction. An expert in business planning and financial modeling, Jimmy is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant, CIMA.

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Jimmy Crick, ACMA 

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Our Values

Purpose first: purpose is at the core of everything we do. We are selective, and we work on engagements that benefit our community and the environment.


Trustworthiness: we deliver. We do what we say, and when we said we would. We are motivated by results.


Constant improvement: we strive for better. We challenge ourselves to find new solutions and to use creative thinking to continuously improve what we do and how we do it.