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A well-prepared financial model can develop clarity within your finances, and help you make the right decision. This will allow you to make difficult decisions, nullifying a lack of clear financial representation of the potential outcomes. IFC support your decision-making by constructing bespoke financial models that give you confidence in your financial determination.


What does this service provide?


We build financial models to support your decision-making, which are user-friendly and can be used independently.

Examples of model we build:​

  • Financial forecasts suitable for funding application

  • Assessment of funding requirements

  • Scenario planning to help you plan for the unexpected

  • Project evaluation, to help you decide if a project is financially viable (e.g.: property and equipment model)

  • Budget

  • Business valuation

Our fees


We place purpose before profit. Therefore our fees take into account the project's social and environmental impact, your business revenue, and the transaction size. We also make sure that we are “a partnership of success”, and we offer a balance between commitment fees and success fees.


Our objective is for clients to always see value for money in our fees that significantly exceed the cost.